Another Decline of Western Civilisation

by Steve Nelson

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released September 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Steve Nelson New York, New York

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Track Name: Cutting Down Forests
I'm drunk again walking home
This time I'm with you, but I still feel alone
I see people dancing in the windows of stores
I slip on black ice and stumble through our door
I'm talking in circles, I'm walking in rhyme
I'm singing in patterns and I'm clapping off time
I'm soaring through eons and laughing just to cry
Watching lessons on knots, cause I never learned to tie

You're pushing me into what you want me to be
And if you're not careful I'll turn out to be
Just what you wished that I would be

I'm cutting down forests, I'm draining rivers dry
I'm abusing all that is until life itself dies
I'm collecting exceptions, I'm protecting my thoughts
I'm providing examples and I'm selling what you bought
And I'm driving down the galaxy at a million degrees
Turning right at dark matter and heading straight past your knees
I'm expanding inflation, I'm manifesting destiny
I'm overcoming evens with all odds against me

You're pushing me into what you want me to be
And if you're not careful I'll turn out to be
Just what you wished that I would be
Track Name: Make Sure to Try the Swine
No reason to argue about who was first in line
For the last ones in will have the best seats tonight
If you find yourself mistaking your water for wine
Believe in what you wish and how you wish to dine

When people turn to piglets and space turns into time
Enjoy it while it lasts and make sure to try the swine
Track Name: The Proof of the Pudding is in the Pudding
I don't know how long I've been awake, but it feels like 47 years
2 months and 3 days, now I gotta figure out how I got here

Hmmm, oh yeah, that's right I was playing the piano in some rundown shack in the summer of '63
Sweat on back and not a penny to my name, wearing the only clothes I owned
And just a few years older than I am now
I was still this sexy back then
Had the heart of every girl in town with my name tattooed on all their cheeks

So now I know where i was, but what am I doing here?
I must've had some unfinished business that I forgot after all these years

On March 15, 1964 I died pursuing the exposure of all my own flaws and misdeeds
My father now was just a child then and he watched me die
I told him something to pass on to me only when I was ready
23 years and 13 days later I was born again with the voice you hear now

Now I only have 34 minutes to diffuse this existential bomb
Before this world again consumes me I must destroy all of my bonds

All that can ever be destroyed is that which contains us
We are free and we always will be
Track Name: Easy to Miss and Hard to Find
I was the first man to live on the moon
A technician for Virgin Galactic
I sat beneath the Earth on many cold moments
And drank myself into laughter
From the Taurus-Littrow valley I spoke
To the visions of my future armies
Behold our land with its hidden gems
I am serious and never kidding

When the first wave of patrons impeding my land
I thought not a glint of greed
I was happy enough to have ears to chew off
And joked often of my plans
But soon I was seen as a threat to the dreams
Of what you'd call the upper crust
They promoted me but I'd have to leave
So, I made it clear that I would stay
I had built a home on the valley ridge
Sustainable for fifteen years
Enough time in my eyes to mine and surprise
the world with a new tier of wealth
but when I skipped the flight that my superior assumed
Would erase me from his mind
I became a bug on the back of his neck
As outrage came down the line
Assuming this would happen I had built my home
With the fragrance of the land
Easy to miss and hard to find
Protected by inventions of my hand
Over 15 years I worked in silence
Covertly shipping back my harvest
With the aid of the daughter of a childhood friend
We stored it on the strength of a promise

In May, I snuck aboard a flight back to Earth
But our flight halfway through made a turn
And around the Earth we zipped on by
It was into the Sun we burned